Introducing EDGE Card

The EDGE Card is a dynamic all-in-one smartcard with a companion mobile wallet smartphone app. Simply load all of your credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards onto your EDGE Card and make payments anywhere.


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Full-Bleed Touchscreen

The EDGE Card features a full-bleed touchscreen, providing a dynamic experience that you are used to.

Live Banking

Not sure which card to use? The EDGE Card lets you easily check bank or card balances with a simple swipe.


The EDGE Card Operating System allows for easy card customization, navigation, and use.


The same size as your credit and debit cards.



 |      3.4in x 2.1in      |



screen size



The EDGE Card works with every payment method.


Mag Stripe - EMV Chip - NFC.
(Subject to Card Issuer Approval)


Digital Receipts

The EDGE Card automatically stores your receipts in the EDGE app.


Proximity Deals

Participating merchants offer deals to customers who are near. Get deals for going through your daily routine.





The EDGE Card is equipped with multiple security features to keep all your valuable information safe.

  thumbprint          digital ID                GPS                 pin-code




Wireless Charging

The EDGE Card is designed to last 15 days before it loses power.  When you're ready to charge it, simply place it on the wireless charger in the evening and in the morning it's ready to go.  However, your EDGE Card will always have a pre-selected default card loaded, so you'll always be able to make a purchase, even when the battery is drained.

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EDGE Mobile Payments LLC is the vision of Peter Garrett, an entrepreneur and inventor with over 20 years in product development and marketing experience.

Founded in 2017,  EDGE Mobile Payments is a Hardware and Software company in the IoT and Mobile wallet market sectors providing cloud-based financial services.

Our Mission

Provide consumers the freedom and control to better manage their finances. Deliver a high degree of integrity and measurable value to our customers, stakeholders, and employees.



We're passionate about raising the bar
on mobile payment technology


Our team is comprised of inventors, technologists, marketers, designers and entrepeneurs.  The EDGE team brings the expertise and experience necessary to build a successful IoT consumer electronics product with a cloud computing back end. If you're passionate about Fintech and want to join our evolution, contact us, we'd love to hear from you. 


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