Bailout Offer

Due to the recent Plastc bankruptcy and non-delivery of Plastc smartcards, EDGE will offer a special discount to backers who purchased a card and were left in the lurch. You need not participate in our pre-order campaign to receive your special discount. Once we are ready to ship you'll be notified of your discounted price.  We have also just recently added a discount to Coin card owners who have been dealing with the closure of that company.

We're still working out the product cost and final price, as we're still in development, so the final discount amount will be announced as we get closer to shipping product.  We will provide you with a significant discount which can be applied upon product release or, if you choose to pre-order, as an additional discount.  Please note, you'll be required to supply proof of purchase for the Plastc and/or Coin cards at the time of your EDGE Card purchase.  Please enter your email address below to be notified of details as they are finalized.

EDGE Card is targeted to ship in Q2 2018.  In addition to solving all of the technical issues involved in creating a micro-computer the size of a credit card, we are working on increasing industry support for dynamic smart cards by helping card issuers and banks recognize the demand for a product that allows consumers to make full use of their own credit and debit accounts as long as functionality and security are not compromised.

We'll also include you on our general mailing list so you'll be kept up-to-date on all EDGE Card developments.

We're very excited about the opportunity to get an EDGE Card into your hands.


The EDGE Team


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