Introducing EDGE Card

The EDGE Card is a dynamic all-in-one smartcard with a companion mobile wallet smartphone app. Simply load all of your credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards onto your EDGE Card and make payments anywhere.

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The EDGE Card works with every payment method.

Mag Stripe - EMV Chip - NFC
(Subject to Card Issuer Approval)

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Color Touchscreen

EDGE Card can store all your cards in one convenient location. Featuring an organic e-paper color touchscreen, it allows you to navigate and select from multiple cards.

Rechargeable Battery

Battery life lasts up to 2 weeks with normal use. Bring simplicity to your life with the wireless charger.

Card Locater

When your EDGE Card is out of range, you will be immediately notified of its location on your smartphone.



The same size as your credit and debit cards.




 |      3.4in x 2.1in      |



screen size



Digital Receipts

The EDGE Card automatically stores your receipts in the EDGE app.


Proximity Deals

Participating merchants offer deals to customers who are near. Get deals for going through your daily routine.


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The EDGE Card is equipped with multiple security features to keep all your valuable information safe.

         Biometric Security

Digital ID

Proximity Alerts



EDGE Mobile Payments LLC, founded in 2017, is a Santa Cruz CA based IoT Fintech Company dedicated to expanding mobile financial transactions and enriching user experience with its new mobile wallet and dynamic smart card technologies.

Our Mission

Provide consumers the freedom and control to better manage their finances. Deliver a high degree of integrity and measurable value to our customers, stakeholders, and employees.